Buying a Franchise vs Starting from Scratch

The advantages of buying a franchise can make it an appealing option – you get to operate under an established brand, benefit from existing customer loyalty, and have access to marketing support. However, the costs associated with franchising can be significant and may not be feasible for all entrepreneurs. So, does this mean you should start a new business? Let’s consider all the options!

Buying a Franchise

Pros: When you buy a franchise, you receive brand recognition and support. The company’s existing customers are more likely to use your business because of the familiar name, and the franchisor will typically provide marketing materials that help promote your location. Additionally, there is typically some type of training program or ongoing support from the franchisor, which can be invaluable as you start your business.

As well as training from the franchisor, you will also find resources like Guerrilla Franchising, which provides an array of tips and advice for effectively starting a franchise.

Cons: The costs associated with buying a franchise can be quite high, including franchise fees and royalty payments. Furthermore, there is often a limited degree of freedom in terms of operations and marketing decisions, as the parent company may have specific guidelines to follow. This can be a disadvantage for entrepreneurs who are used to having complete control over their business decisions.

Starting from Scratch

Pros: When starting a business from scratch, you have complete freedom in terms of operations and marketing decisions. You also don’t have to pay any franchise fees or royalty payments. Also, there is no need to conform to the parent company’s guidelines and standards as you are in charge of creating your own; this can be beneficial for entrepreneurs who want to make all their own decisions.

Cons: Starting a business from scratch requires more effort, as you will have to create and build your own brand and reputation from the ground up. It also requires more capital investment as you won’t be able to leverage existing resources from a parent company. You’ll also need to develop relationships with suppliers and customers in order to get the business off the ground.

In addition, you may have difficulty with legal issues such as licensing requirements and zoning laws. Also, there is no guarantee that your business will be successful, as this will depend on your own efforts and resources. While there are also no guarantees with a franchise, you have a solid foundation to build from, something that doesn’t exist with a new business.


Overall, the decision to buy a franchise versus starting from scratch is a personal one and depends heavily on your goals and financial situation. If you have the capital to invest in buying a franchise and want the support of an established brand, then buying a franchise could be right for you. However, if you need more flexibility in how you run your business and don’t want to pay the franchise fees, then starting a business from scratch may be a better option.

In either case, it’s important to do research and understand what is involved before making your decision. Some people may find that a combination of both models is best for their business; for example, starting from scratch and then franchising the concept later on. Ultimately, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each option before making any decisions.

No matter what route you take, hard work and dedication are essential keys to success when launching a business. It’s important to create a business plan that outlines your goals and strategies for achieving them, find the right people to help you along the way, and always remember that there is no such thing as overnight success!

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