Is it Worth Buying a VELUX Blind?

If you are looking for a blackout roller blind that has multiple options to manage the light, check out VELUX Duo Blackout Roller Blind, which is a 2 in 1 blind that pairs a blackout blind with a white insulated shade. Another advantage that homeowners get with VELUX skylights is a variety of options when it comes to their skylights and skylight blinds. Best of all, replacing an older skylight and including a VELUX skylight blind can save homeowners as much as $200 per year on cooling costs. 

That means, by installing blackout shades over VELUX windows, you could potentially cut down your electric bills. Blackout blinds will almost entirely block out light entering the room — a true bedroom necessity, and even more important if you have VELUX windows. VELUX blinds offer as much light suppression as you can get, leaving you free to enjoy your room as you wish. 

The key is they will cover your beautiful VELUX windows entirely in blackout fabric, making sure that virtually no light comes through. Even better, VELUX Solar Blinds are available to be fitted right on top of your VELUX Manual Window, since they are purely powered by the energy of the Sun. If you would like the freedom of opening and closing the blinds or roller shutters at any point in a room, electrically driven VELUX blinds can be fitted onto a manual VELUX window using a VELUX KUX 110. 

If you would like to save some cash and opt for manual VELUX blinds, special-purpose, extendable control bars can assist in opening and closing taller installations, making sure that you have no restrictions on where you can install the windows. With fixed window blinds, like the ones at Velux, you can even hold your blinds closed while your windows are open. It is not recommended that VEUX window blinds on roofs should be washed, however, if a blind needs cleaning, a damp cloth may be used to wipe it down.

VELUX Roman Blinds give you that decorative flair and do so in a way that fits like a glove on a slanted roof window. Fabric blinds such as the VELUX Roman Blinds are opulent in appearance and can transform your pitched roof window into an actual feature of the style. Velux, Perfect Fit, and Pleated Blinds are all popular styles for roof windows, and when you get the custom-blinds service, the Velux will look stylish while fitting and operating smoothly over the windows.

You can match your skylights to a large selection of VELUX premium-quality skylight blinds, available in light-filtered, room-darkened and Venetian styles. Thanks to VELUX Energy-saving Blind’s heat-trapping aluminium honeycomb construction, VELUX Energy-Blackout Blinds improve your windows insulation by up to 26%, so your rooms will look and feel a little more insulated. Come means that you can purchase blackout blinds to enhance your window comfort with the peace of mind that they are not going to cause any risks.