Private Cinema: A New Concept For Your Events

The phenomenon is growing throughout the world. In vogue for several years, the rental of cinemas such as private cinema hire London for example is attracting more and more individuals and professionals. What could be more original than bringing together your guests for a special private screening? All the more so in this period of a health crisis that deprived us of the big screen for many months. What events to organize in a private cinema? How to do it? Back on this concept, as playful as friendly.

Privatize A Cinema Room For Your Professional Events

For a meeting, a seminar, or a conference, companies are used to reserving a room equipped to receive audio and video equipment. To strengthen the team spirit and add a note of conviviality to this event, organizing activities, a cocktail, a coffee break, and a meal is also customary. It is possible to combine business with pleasure by renting a cinema room. While surprising your collaborators. Not only can you take advantage of the screen and the sound system to intervene and present the balance sheet and the company’s objectives, project graphs, and diagrams, but it is also an opportunity to watch a film or a documentary with all the participants. This will then be at the heart of the discussions, opening the dialogue and strengthening your teams’ cohesion.

Privatizing a movie theater lends itself to other important events in the company’s life. For example, the screening of a film thus becomes an original gift to give to your employees and their families during the end-of-year celebrations.

Organize A Unique Birthday In A Movie Theater

To amaze the children, what better than to offer them an afternoon at the cinema? What’s more, in a room where they will be with friends watching the film of their choice: a Disney cartoon, an episode of the Harry Potter saga, or an animated film. This screening is also an excellent excuse to give a theme to this anniversary day, with costumes and decorations in tune with the characters from the film. And, of course, a touch of indulgence further enhances the screening: popcorn, sweets, and ice cream. Everything is brought together, just like in the cinema. For the older ones too, a birthday at the cinema is a perfect opportunity to meet up in front of a cult film, the one you and your friends love so much. And the evening can be enhanced with a cocktail, popcorn, a meal, etc.